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or the london interbank offered rate to eliminate their own trading position. the rate is use to set the benchmark on hundreds of trillions of dollars of loans worldwide. in many cases, traders bumped up the rate to line their own pockets, meaning your mortgage payments may have been bumped up, as well. u.s. officials are seeking a guilty plea from rbs on criminal charges in addition to a fine of possibly $785 million. ubs has already been fined $1.5 billion. what should you know for the week to come? right now, there is an organized campaign from a who's who list of prominent powerful politicians to do everything in their power to stop the horrifying possibility of a college holding a panel discussion of a controversial issue. no, really. you should know a group of brooklyn college students organized an event to discuss the boycott sanctions movement, an attempt by active ifrts around the world to end its settlements through boycotts and investments. modelled on those is south africa apartheid. a whole lot of people find the comparison to south africa offense of. i myself genuinely
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)